PSYCHOLOGICAL STRATEGY BOARD - "Penny Slinger - Out of the Shadows OST"


Psychological Strategy Board - "Penny Slinger - Out of the Shadows"

(Front & Follow Records)

 Newly released on Manchester, UK-based label Front and Follow records, Penny Slinger - Out of the Shadows by Psychological Strategy Board is a dark, ambient ride through anguish and heartbreak that emerges into healing through expression and discovery. This release, which was developed as the soundtrack for the Richard Kovitch documentary of the same name, is an emotionally charged art piece that attempts to capture the deep inner struggle of artist and photographer Penny Slinger. After some traumatic emotional and psychological turmoil, she created one of the most influential photo-collage pieces of the 1970s, the mystical, disturbing, and often erotic book of writing and photography, An Exorcism.

As the film details an intense period of self-exploration by Penny Slinger after a near psychotic break, the listener’s first impression of the music may be how bleak and dreary it seems, but each undulating layer of noise-infused sound is rendered with a purposeful searching – a sense of longing for clarity and closure, that culminates with powerful emanations of ritual spiritualism and deep internal calm. There is a powerful movement as the shifting energies of each individual zone blend into the completed piece, beginning with the opening tracks, Stereo Interference and Expression in Ruin which are both deeply shadowed explorations in darkness, and ending with a striking eight and a half minute track entitled Unthreaded Time (Object Uniting) that hypnotizes and elevates while deftly closing the central theme of the work.

As a standalone piece, Out of the Shadows is a powerfully moving ambient work that can propel an open-minded listener to perhaps create their own work of healing. In conjunction with the fascinating story of Penny Slinger, this soundtrack seems perfectly apt to express the extreme personal emotions and subsequent artistic and spiritual evolution that the film depicts.

Gray Lee