GOVIER - "Metal Target"


Govier - "Metal Target"

(Z Tapes) 

Songwriter Malcom Govier returns with another release on the Z Tapes label, blending together jangly guitars, obscure samples, and a casual lyrical style to create a varied musical experience. At times, pulling from deeply personal stories, Govier deals with heavy concepts hand in hand with more whimsical content.

Metal Target is full of quirky humor and touching subject matter, and that's what sets it apart. The title track, especially, is a four minute anecdote that takes its time in revealing each detailed part of the story. Govier's disarming storytelling style is perfectly human, full of asymmetry and winding remembrance.

The vocals on this recording are delivered very close to the mic, in a vulnerable and intimate way, as if the listener is upstairs in Govier's room, staying up all night, playing tapes and talking about life. There are even some nice moments in the guitar work that make the recording cozy. Overall, this release is a perfect follow up to Govier's 2016 release, Predator, (with even the Metal Target cover art serving as an upgraded version of the Predator art.) Metal Target is a warmly-produced musical artifact that feels like the secrets shared in friendship.