INTERBELLA - "Swallowed by the Sun"


 (MuteAnt Sounds)

Swallowed by the Sun, by electronic wizard David Breather, performing as Interbella, is a dark, drone-filled plummet into a collapsing star full of shadow and flame.

Pulled in by deep waves of ambient gravity, this latest release from Interbella would be right at home in the tense final scenes of a sci-fi thriller, but is presented here in album form for your aural enjoyment. Interbella creates an array of soundscapes and musical textures - Some are more rhythmic, some evoke peaceful zones of contemplation, others detail a more nebulous and ominous intention.

The final track, from which this work derives its title, is a 12 minute opus, heavily laden with thick layers of ambient drone, the humming of which becomes like a swarm of non-corporeal bees, haunting the inside of your mind as the world is at last pulled into the sun in a final and triumphant astrological surge of light and heat. Then all is silent.  

Gray Lee