SUPER HI-FI - "Blue and White"


Super Hi-Fi -"Blue and White"

(Very Special Recordings) 

In today’s world where myriads of sub-genres pigeonhole artists into stifling and prescriptive stratifications of style, it’s refreshing to hear a group of musicians just plug up and play; going wherever the goddesses of groove may lead.

That being said, Super Hi-Fi is not a band who is eclectic for the sake of being eclectic, going through genres and styles like a bored driver changing radio stations. They are a heavy dub band with a bass and drum section that’s firmly rooted in the “riddim”, two funky trombonists, and a guitar player that can play the accent on the 1 and the 3 till the rastas come home.

However, they don’t let the funk and groove of dub limit them. Rather, it’s the foundation that they springboard off of into interesting and unexpected musical passages that keeps you bobbing your head with them from start to finish.

Case in point is Biking to Bushwick. This rollicking track starts with a 70’s guitar rock vamp that kicks into gear with a John Bonham-esque drum beat, further accentuated with syncopated trombone hits before transitioning into full dub form with the trombones finishing each other’s musical phrases like a couple in love finishes each other’s sentences before dueling playfully with each other.

I could describe each track in a similar fashion, but in the interest of space and your time, I’ll skip the descriptions and tell you in the immortal words of Reading Rainbow, “You don’t have to take my word for it.” Click the link below and listen for yourself.

Theron Willis