Brooklyn, New York based artist Bob Bellerue hits us hard with another classic noise release. A lot of times, I try to write in a lot of extended metaphors that describe a record - but All In is just not that type of record.

This recording instantly brings to mind the feeling of a neighborhood DIY noise venue. This place is a run down used-to-be building that has a low drop ceiling, and weird lighting - I'm imagining bare flourescent bulbs haphazardly leaned in corners. 

At what has been designated 'the front' of the room, is a folding table covered in plywood and topped with a mess of cables. Presiding over this nest of electrical tape, XLR lines and stacks of vintage rackmount devices, is the noise master. He's twiddling knobs furiously, sweat upon his brow, as a tidal wave of power electronics is hitting the scattered attendees at full blast. 

Some of this wicked noise is the vibrating, mechanical hum of energy, strangely comforting and apprehensive, it penetrates the rib cage and shakes the body eerily, warmly. At times a powerful squeal like a heavy duty drill to the skull pierces the room. The crowd is feeling it - each one of them is lost in their own atmosphere. Some weirdo tries to start up a conversation with you and you just nod your head in agreement to whatever the guy is saying, something philosophical. You step away, let the noise take you back over. 

This music doesn't need flowery words, or poetic descriptions - it is hard and heavy hitting noise made with real machines, in a real space. Scope it out, noise heads! 

Gray Lee