RAMBLE TAMBLE - "Outlaw Overtones"


Ramble Tamble - "Outlaw Overtones"

(Eiderdown Records)

Plinky guitars usher in a pastoral feeling of rustic bliss in Cracklebarrel Buddha. Thick overgrowth of layered strings hides the rusted chassis of the car you were waiting on parts for. Southern poison ivy jazz, wrapping around your leg and injecting you with jangly sideways fuzz, as a backwoods, backwater, backroad prophet slowly speaks the rugged wisdom in the divine dialect of drawl.

Sitting on the front porch with a busted banjo in the hot sun, the weary string bean farmer is waiting for ivy to cover everything in cool itchy green blankets of thick leaves. Zen Mondo, a gonzo tribe of  laid back tangle-weavers play the chaotic finale of a song for an entire song. In this dusty ghost town only populated by lonely tubleweeds, hear their knotted voices wrap around themselves and choke out the light with thick wreaths of briar and bramble, each folksy hymn spilling forth, twisted and wild.

At last the prophet bids farewell, and walks back up the dirt road to the hill country, carrying his strings and baskets of beans, wearing a  crown of pernicious vine.