TARKAMT - "Live at the Necropolis"


Tarkamt - “Live at the Necropolis”

(Doom Trip Records)

For an unbiased review of Live at the Necropolis, look elsewhere. This is one of my favorite albums from this year. There isn’t anything about this album that isn’t great, so I’ll mention some of the best things.

Aside from the title, Live at the Necropolis, which is a great piece of wordplay in itself, there is a wide range of variation in this release, making it difficult to classify. This tape has got some well-woven synth work, some killer rhythms, (both with traditional percussion as well as drum machines,) and occasional – but great - lyrics. It was recorded at a place called The Pirate Ship in Cairo, Egypt by Tarkamt, otherwise known as Cherif El-Masri (of Invisible Hands) The album opens with a couple of short, quick-moving synth-heavy tracks, (Chrysalis and Ebola Green,) but progresses into some lengthier outings that travel well. There is a great balance between these pieces, each one is a different cadence, and a different feel. The closer for the album, The Harbinger, is a nine minute banger that is a perfect finish.

Tarkamt has been able to play a lot of cards here, bringing together strongly choreographed synth pieces and pitting them against wall-of-noise jams, and more rock influenced flavors to create a unified art object that is truly enjoyable. Live at the Necropolis is available digitally and on pro-dubbed cassette from Doom Trip.