NEKOSHOGUN - "Perestroikawave"


Nekoshogun - "Perestroikawave"

(Power Lunch Corporation)

Atlanta vaporlord Nekoshogun is coming to a tape deck near you, and this release is going to restructure your whole way of living!

Or it may just restructure the way you are playing Tetris. Finally, you can turn down the sound on your vintage Game Boy and fire up this fresh hot serving of Moscow vape while you rage through lines like a square-pushing puzzle fiend.

Don't worry about your rigid empire - sit back and relax - let this recording meddle with your internal affairs for a little while. There's some fancy beats on here, and just the right balance of garble/distortion and other clever mix effects to get that good solid vaporous feel.

This is a hot, hot recording that'll end any cold war, and most likely disrupt your republic in the most pleasing of ways. Close your eyes and soak in the velvet coated beats and curvy synths of Redsquare, or slow dance your way through horn-looped Glasnost on your way to new and untested glories! This tape is for the people!