GLOVEPILOT - "Thunder Suite (& more)"


GlovePilot - "Thunder Suite (& more) 

(Bad Cake Records) 

Thunder Suite refers to a three track piece captured on this cassette recording. The tracks, (titled HeavenLimbo, and Hell, respectively,) tell a wild, jazz-infused spiritual story not unlike Dante's Divine Comedy. Armed with only a trumpet, a drum kit, and a loop pedal, minimal jazz explorers Matt Hull and Joe Hartigan create an improvisational sound that calls and answers itself with an extraordinary level of balance and composition.  

Heaven is a rollicking piece that seems to ask a lot of questions. How did I get here? What is this place? It conjures feelings of chaos, loneliness, and confusion. Limbo is a more whimsical place at first, but emanates an emptiness and a solitude that are nearly palpable. Hell, is a fiery dance with swirling loops of trumpet and rapid, unpredictable percussion. The & More portion of the album consists of two pieces, Laika and Sun Riser, that provide an artistic closure. 

GlovePilot delivers an improvised, yet artistic musical experience that is both compelling and introspective, that deftly illustrates the indelible connection between music and the soul.