PETRIDISCH - "Rêve d'un Rêve"


PETRIDISCH - "Rêve d'un Rêve"

(Asura Revolver)

Boston electronic composer Petridisch cranks up the weird factor in this latest synth release on Asura Revolver. 

Rêve d'un Rêve is an eerie document of unease straight from the aural uncanny valley, consisting of artificial voices laid against an ever-present backdrop of rising tension, in which Petridisch practices his unusual discipline of style to great effect. In its entirety, this release is certainly shrouded heavily in weirdo ritual, continually pushing the listener down a dark body chute into a shadowed chamber full of singing mannequins. 

Although each track of Rêve d'un Rêve brings a new surge of displacement, one can sense the intricacies of the vast mechanism that Petridisch has created. Like a labyrinthine, late-morning dream that continues to move and change its focus, while still communicating strange, subconscious themes, this work continues to display an incredible sense of textured atmosphere that is cohesive throughout the piece. 

For those of you that walk a stranger path, you may find yourself reflected in a forgotten mirror within these haunted recordings.  

Gray Lee