ECCODROID - "Eccoweather"


Eccodroid - "Eccoweather" 

(Flamingo Vapor) 

This four track release from mysterious vapor vocalist Eccodroid is all about the weather - specifically The Weather Channel, which made itself famous in the golden days of cable for its 24-hour weather coverage, and its prolific use of jazz music during the forecasts. 

The Weather Channel's use of a certain brand of smooth jazz on the "Local on the 8s" segment of its programming gained such notoriety over the years, that the channel released a couple of compilations of tracks that embodied the 'Weather Channel Sound.'  

The first Weather Channel compilation was released in 2007.

The first Weather Channel compilation was released in 2007.

There was, however, one thing that the music featured on the Weather Channel was not known for - lyrics. The music was instrumental. There are plenty of saxophones, pianos, and silky smoothness - but no vocals.

That is where enigmatic Argentinean singer, Eccodroid, comes in. Using the finest vapor techniques, Eccodroid has distilled the very essence of The Weather Channel sound down to four tracks, and then included, in his own unique voice, heartfelt words about weather and meteorology. The Weather Channel could not ask for better. For the first time in the history of "Local on the 8s", there are now songs that are actually about weather. 

The thing that makes Eccodroid's performance come to life is the level of sincerity with which these lyrics are delivered. You can really get a sense that Eccodroid cares about wind patterns, storm chasing, and the effects of meteorological conditions on the human psyche. He sings with a very natural, unassuming voice that could easily belong to your next door neighbor, or your co-worker. That is what makes the first track, this is your local weather report, a little more infectious than it should be, especially on the chorus when Eccodroid hits you with:

thank you for watching
this is the weather...
thank you for watching
this is your local weather report

If you remember leaving The Weather Channel on for hours at a time, soaking up that sweet, sultry weather jazz vibe - wishing in your heart that someone could sing into that music and give it a voice - Eccoweather is for you!