ILSA - "Corpse Fortress"


ILSA - "Corpse Fortress" 

(Relapse Records) 

Corpse Fortress is the latest offering by Washington D.C. doom metal band,  Ilsa. This entire recording is a gloriously blood-encrusted, screaming, torturous struggle - all the way to the grave. From the opening track Hikikomori, (a Japanese word referring to social xenophobes,) Ilsa strikes hard and fast, with a powerful onslaught of thrash-tarnished, sludge-covered doom metal that will likely leave you dumbfounded and deafened, on the brink of collapse.

Everything is heavy. The guitars are heavy. The drums are heavy. The corpses are heavy. We are pretty sure Ilsa will attempt to actually build a fortress out of petrified corpses, atop from which they will continue to broadcast their infected rock savagery. Corpse Fortress is a horrified autopsy of some infernal lovecraftian beast that has refused to die, and curses the world by existing.

Lead vocalist Orion destroys one vocal cord after another with his primal howling. Sometimes lyrics can be discerned which consist of the gloom & doom variety. As heard on the track Nasty, Brutish:

"It's your funeral! Say your prayers, prepare to diiiiie!"

So sings Orion. And truer lyrics could not be uttered. For, whatever Orion does not know about us, surely we are mortal. This kind of sentiment is the stuff from which all the lyrical content of Corpse Fortress is formed. It's dark, it's deep, and it's devilish.

If you are ready to embark on a one way journey to a sludge-fried, doomsday future where all has fallen into shadow, and terrible creatures roam the earth, seeking whom they may devour - Corpse Fortress is your new favorite record.