MEW_T8 - "Now is for Happiness"


MEW_T8 - "Now is for Happiness" 

(Flamingo Vapor) 

Why should you wait? Why not be happy now? That is the question asked by vaporwave artist MEW_T8 in Now is for Happiness. On the album description, MEW_T8 tells us,

"Embracing the immediacy of the present to bring you an aural adventure through the colors of joy."

That is exactly what MEW_T8 has captured in this vapor release. Each track here, although all 'vapored up,' also features some super nice beats that will bump your car stereo for you. That way, whenever you pull up to a red light, you can let everybody know that NOW is for happiness.

And sure, maybe that sounds ridiculous. Maybe life has got you down. Maybe this has not been your year. The world can be a scary place, and it can be easy to get discouraged. Can a vaporwave album solve any of the world's problems? Probably not, but the message here is simple: Just be happy right where you are, because Now is for happiness.

Yes - fight for the good things. Fight with all your might. Resist evil, and never give up what you believe in. But, remember to take a few moments, whenever you can, just to be happy. Now is for happiness.

On your way to wherever you are going - to fight the next battle, to do the thing you've got to do, why not play some happy music? Now is for Happiness.