LORD SHONGO - "Lord Shongo"


Lord Shongo - "Lord Shongo"

This self-titled low-fi instrumental hip hop release from Los Angeles based producer Lord Shongo features longer, more complex compositions and a much more organic approach than other recordings in this genre. Shongo is not afraid to allow a sample to play a little longer into the mix, or push the music into another zone.

Unlike a lot of beat tapes that feel like samplers, with quick one or two minute tracks that seem to say, "This is my style, this is what I can do," Lord Shongo's debut work reveals an artist who doesn't need your approval. Each piece lends itself to the larger whole. These tracks have depth, detail, and provoke the imagination. I recommend Once Upon a Time in Long Beach. It sounds like some sort of mysterious intrigue is happening, and you are at the center of it - either trying to solve the puzzle, or keep it from being solved.

If you are looking for some instrumental beats, but would like to stray from the beaten path - give Lord Shongo a listen. This organically grown album is detailed and artful, but never takes itself to seriously.