SKYLINE DIVINE - "Tuesday at Noon"


SKYLINE DIVINE - "Tuesday at Noon" 

(Power_Lunch Corporation) 

Tuesday at Noon, the latest offering from Kansas City vapor outfit, Skyline Divine, is a detailed observation of daytime television. If you have ever listened to the ending credits of a syndicated talk show and wished it could never end, or wished that you could live in that saccharine sweet dream of a social problem neatly solved in an hour, accented with soothing saxaphone or thoughtful piano, Tuesday at Noon is for you.

You'll discover whether or not you ARE the father, what to do if your next door neighbor is married to a freak, or how to turn your dismal look around with a surprise makeover! You'll earn your beads and confront your cheating spouse and finally discover which one of your coworkers has a secret crush on you.     

All the talk show hosts of that golden era await you in a paradise of cheerful, supportive synths and jazzy, comfortable listening. Sally, Jerry, Ricki, and that ever present studio audience are perpetually beginning another episode, and you are invited. Are you an audience member, the main guest, or are you the suprise guest who comes out swinging? You decide!

Skyline Divine's talkwave masterpiece, Tuesday at Noon is the tape you didn't know you were waiting for, and it's playing every weekday from midmorning to afternoon. 

Gray Lee