LEONLS - "New Destiny"


LEONLS - "New Destiny"

(Asura Revolver)

Ambient dronescape New Destiny by LeonLS, pulls you beneath the waves and into swift currents that carry you deep into ocean trenches filled with otherworldy life. Your new destiny is down below, in the frigid darkness, sliding between sheer stone fissures in the very foundations of the world. Luminescent peals of synth weave in and out of contorted shipwrecks as you contemplate your altered future in this watery kingdom.

Louisiana-based ambient artist, LeonLS leads the way, on this journey through the many zones of this underwater dominion. Drift through palatial formations of exotic beauty, as you carefully avoid the mystical and terrible monsters of the deep.  

At last washing ashore in an immense cavern lit by eerie green alien crystals, wander through the thick forest of subterranean trees, stretching their branches up into the shadows. Climb into the hollow place in the biggest of these trees. In this silent place, find your inner self. 

With New Destiny, LeonLS has been able to create a hypnotic pilgramage through tangible hidden worlds. Unlike many ambient albums that strongly rely on one central theme to create a meditative state, New Destiny is always exploring a new path, revealing a new part of the story, and inviting you to come along.