JUNK DNA - "Plastic Exports"


Junk DNA - "Plastic Exports" 

(White Reeves Productions)

Matt McDowell, performing as Junk DNA, pounds out this description-challenging release on White Reeves Productions. This was originally recorded in 2012, cryogenically frozen, and now newly thawed out released as a limited edition cassette - just when the world needs it.

When I use the vague phrase, "description-challenging," it is a deliberately chosen wording to express how difficult it is to categorize the sound of this recording. There are elements of acid rock, noise, avant garde/experimental, maybe even dub? There are epic instrumental movements, and occasional vocals. Plastic Exports is simply hard to describe. 

Early in the album, the seven-minute epic, Paraffin Ritual, hits the listener with some spicy rock, with a dash of funky bass topped with these infectious monotone lyrics:

The end of the line/ 

It's a sign of the times/

Keep a tight lip/

All the time.

These words are delivered like a bitterly depressed automaton, rusted by its own empty tears. I cannot unhear it. There are also some great stretches of straight-out Floydian vibes here, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would really love to hear the whole thing live.

You can grab this album digitally over at White Reeves Productions. I can personally confirm cassette is sold out. The very last copy is on its way to Houdini Mansions headquarters at time of publication. I'm thinking I'll do an edit when the tape arrives and further the review. Does that sound like something you'd be interested in seeing?