[Album of the Month] CARTOON FOREST - "Cartoon Forest"


Cartoon Forest - "Cartoon Forest" 

(White Reeves Productions) 

Cartoon Forest is Ryan Emmett (of White Reeves, Hunted Creatures,) Eric Messerall, (of Bearathon,) and Michael Skz, (of en EETCHIS, Earth/Vessel, & OMNIVM.) Right away, by looking at the pedigree of these three artists, we can assume that Cartoon Forest is going to be an unholy conglomeration of genre-bending superpowers, committed to cranking out power-torqued, brain-liquifying electronic mayhem in copious volumes.

Cartoon Forest, the recording itself is a 26-minute journey into a disconcerting, tilted, funland of dark horrors. At the heart of this dreadful forest, stands the terrible trio of Emmet, Messerall, and Skz, their unbound powers combining in ignoble glee. Atmospheric fills surround the listener, while powered machinery whirs to life in the distance, irradiating the air with dark malice. Whisps of memory float by, memory of a life that you may have lived once, but all is lost in the spiraling ruin of the Cartoon Forest. This place has its own conciousness. It breathes in without lungs and wails out in its own despair, drenching the twisted landscape with constantly varying textures and rhythms. Mechanical vats of glowing metaphysical ether hum continuously, occasionally stirred by incomprehensible winged creatures.

There is a layered depth within each soundscape that changes with each successive listen. Some zones are pure horror, other movements are more apprehensive. Overall, the effect is a highly focused sense of place. It is a place all at once a terrifying wasteland of fear and a beckoning curiosity that triggers the end user to investigate, gather evidence, and attempt to map out some sort of path through the confusion, by only listening.

Cartoon Forest. Enter, and you may never exit. Refuse to enter, and you may never know what lies within.