NAIL SALON - "White Castle"

(Power_Lunch Corporation)

It is our pleasure to award the honor of "Most Relaxing Album with a Burger on the Cover" to White Castle by Nail Salon. I know what you are thinking - How could we make such a claim, when there are so very many albums with burgers on the cover?

You may of course be referring to any number of albums out there in the great wide world of music that feature the iconic sandwich on the cover art - including of course, the 2003 release of DJ Ötzi - Burger Dance.

Glory Glory Hallelujah

Glory Glory Hallelujah

And while it is true that Burger Dance makes a valiant effort to relax me with the unbelievably catchy chorus of "Macdonalds, Macdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Pizza Hut," there is simply no comparison when it comes to the super smooth, ambient vibes of White Castle.


Another contender in the wide range of music with a burger on the cover is this 1994 gem, Burger King Beats, released by the fast food chain for a limited time. 


Notice the die-cut work here. This is a professional piece of music history. And the music contained within? You are looking at four choice tracks - one of which is the famous Scatman, buy Scatman John.


SUPER CATCHY song. How can you not love this? And yet - this makes me want to dance - or try to. This is not the meditative state of relaxation that can be achieved when listening to White Castle.

A final example is Thumbhole Records' Punkalicious Vol. 1, which features quite an artistic rendering of a burger.  While certainly a well thought out compilation that I thoroughly enjoyed, the high-energy rock was unable to approach the zenlike state that White Castle invokes.


With its bright, airy synth drones stretching out into the distance like long form poetry for monuments, White Castle is a paragon of music for higher consciousness, perfect for concentrated work, or for droning out and leaving the cares of the day behind. The cassette edition of this hour long meditation comes in limited Cheese Slider edition, (just to show you they mean business about this burger theme.) That is why, with full confidence, we are able to announce that White Castle by Nail Salon is The Most Relaxing Album with a Burger on the Cover.



Gray Lee