(Dust Etc.) 

What better way to kick off the month of February than with rock album by a band with a lot of heart? Grinch, the latest release from Texas band First Thought Worst Thought is all about love, albeit a quirky, morbid sort of love. Judging by the cover art and the song titles, we are guessing the album is more specifically about pet love. 

Get ready for a rock and roll valentine full of good rhythms, big fuzzy guitars, and sincere lyrics from the mysterious band who only list themselves in the album info as "Music made by us."  There's no swagger or posturing here. This music could have been made by you, or me, or anyone that has loved and lost. Several of the lyrics touch on the theme of loving so completely that there is already a sorrow deep within that one day, that loved one will no longer exist here. A lyric from the first track, Rover, says, 

"I love you so much that it hurts in my chest

to think of the day when your lungs will stop pulling in breath."  

These poetic odes are wrapped in dynamic compositions that pull the listener along for the ride, and despite the sadness mixed in with the joy, it is altogether an uplifting feeling as the drums and guitars kick in at the right moment to punctuate the feelings.

Perhaps this is what life is - a joyful and sorrowful expression of movement and longing that persists as one day becomes another. Regrets and triumphs exist in the the same space, and between them are these living beings who cling to each other. We and our beasts. And the music is made by us.