C. Moody Crews - "T Zero"

San Diego based artist C. Moody Crews' T Zero is a powerful dose of carefully constructed ambient drones, with just the right amount of natural, gradual movement to balance the effect.  The hypnosis is pleasant, but hard to describe, as many of the thoughts and ideas that come to the surface will be those of the listener, and it's hard to find something to hold onto.

T Zero feels cinematic in many of its movements, creating dense clouds of mood that drift across the listener's mind-space, ideal for calm, unfocused imagination sessions or intense concentration.  Broken up into seven separate tracks instead of more lengthy pieces, this release is able to bring more variety and interest to the project without interruption of the unifying concept. 

If you're looking to alter your mental state, I highly recommend you add T Zero to your collection. It's steady enough to depend upon, diaphonous enough to remain mysterious, and textured enough to carry interest through repeat listens.  

Gray Lee