ll nøthing ll - "Therapy Session"



  ll nøthing ll - "Therapy Session"

(Mt. Fujifilm Softworks) 

It's a lovely afternoon in the future. A couple of surface scavengers in sun protection suits sift through the rubble of scorched earth to find cultural artifacts from a bygone age. One of the scavengers carefully moves a pile of rubble, uncovering a bundle of tapes.

These tapea are one of the last remaining clues from the civilization that came before. The scavengers hurry back to the subterranean city to examine this landmark find. 

Each tape is marked as an audio journal. The team gathers around the ancient tape machine as funky pop music begins to fill the air. You can hear these lost whispers from long ago on this release from ll nøthing ll.

Classic experiments in vaporwave thump and bump in their crush-converted 16kbs glory. ll nøthing ll blends excellent sample curation and production, with acute knowledge of the format to acheive optimum waves. It's a low down jam perfect for those mind cleansing moments alone, contemplating the path of the universe. Available in digital and floppy formats. 

Gray Lee

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