Cave V.S. Lenderson 

(Citrus City) 

One day, a millennium from now, archeological explorers of the future may stumble upon this cassette tape. If they are fortunate enough to unearth a good tape deck as well, they may be able to hear the brief explosion of alternative rock energy known as Cave V.S. Lenderson.

Those inquiring souls may wonder at the chunky basslines, scratchy attitude-driven guitar riffs, and primitive drum beats. Their language experts may analyze every lyric for some clue as to who these ancient people were. 

The future citizens of the world who listen to Cave V.S. Lenderson may very well hotly debate just which antiquated civilization left this cryptic message. They may never know that this music was recorded by some college students that were in a couple of rock bands, and wanted to remember the old music they recorded together by releasing this tape. 

You've probably never heard of Cave, or Lendersons - but they were bands that were formed in Massachusetts, recorded some great rock music and then moved on to other things.  The music is all that remains.