THE MANGLED DEAD - "Revenge is at Hand!"


THE MANGLED DEAD - "Revenge is at Hand!"

(Playing Records)

This is a horror punk thrill ride aboard a B-movie hot rod driven by the angry undead. With deviously fun titles like "Shriek of the Mutilated,"  and, "Atomic Hot Rod, " and a healthy amount of samples from old horror flicks, Revenge is at Hand!  is the soundtrack you and your weird friends have been looking for to play too loud in your jalopy on another of your cemetery joyrides. 

"All songs written and performed by rotted corpses on drugs, while drunk. " - That's directly from the album description, and I believe it.  I'm sure this is on Grandpa Munster's playlist when he's down at the racetrack smoking the competition in his creepy contraption, Drag-u-la. If you were looking for some creepy, kooky music as a backdrop for your psycho-violence, trick-or-treat, graveyard misanthropy - this is it.

Recommended for anyone who likes: halloween, graverobbing, being undead, horrorpunk, etc.