VALET GIRLS - "Lost Wrld"

 Valet Girls - "Lost Wrld"  (DMT Tapes)  I wasn't sure what to expect with this one. I imagined a lot of things. Big chunks of John Williams' score music vaporized and remixed in every way possible - but then I got a good listen of this, and I was blown away by how great this is. This is some major entertaining electronic tunes, augmented in just the right places with stray samples of dino noises and Ian Malcom quotes.    Lost Wrld  kicks off with a track called  Site B , that has a distinctly plunderphonic feel that is an excellent lead-in to the clever vocal sample work of  Ingen Corporate Dossier  and  Embryonics Lab   (Playing God) . Each successive track introduces new sounds and plot points. I'm really digging the creativity here, and, while on the surface, this release seems like it's going to be all about the  Jurassic Park  films, there are some other documentary style clips and sound effects that widen the scope. The closer of the album,  Something Has Survived , is especially impressive.  If you are a fan of vaporwave, and dinosaur movies, this is the release you didn't know you were waiting for. It's got all the cooky, sample-rich fun of a good vapor tape with enough originality and creative composition to really stand on its own.  Gray Lee

Valet Girls - "Lost Wrld"

(DMT Tapes)

I wasn't sure what to expect with this one. I imagined a lot of things. Big chunks of John Williams' score music vaporized and remixed in every way possible - but then I got a good listen of this, and I was blown away by how great this is. This is some major entertaining electronic tunes, augmented in just the right places with stray samples of dino noises and Ian Malcom quotes. 

Lost Wrld kicks off with a track called Site B, that has a distinctly plunderphonic feel that is an excellent lead-in to the clever vocal sample work of Ingen Corporate Dossier and Embryonics Lab (Playing God). Each successive track introduces new sounds and plot points. I'm really digging the creativity here, and, while on the surface, this release seems like it's going to be all about the Jurassic Park films, there are some other documentary style clips and sound effects that widen the scope. The closer of the album, Something Has Survived, is especially impressive.

If you are a fan of vaporwave, and dinosaur movies, this is the release you didn't know you were waiting for. It's got all the cooky, sample-rich fun of a good vapor tape with enough originality and creative composition to really stand on its own.

Gray Lee

THE MIGHTY RHINO - "We Will No Longer Retreat into Darkness"


The Mighty Rhino - "We Will No Longer Retreat Into Darkness"

(Hand'Solo Records) 

This is the second release from Toronto rapper The Mighty Rhino, following his 2011 release He Whom the Beat Sets Free is Free Indeed.

We Will No Longer Retreat Into Darkness is a polished, well-produced document of hip hop artistry that showcases Rhino's rhyming skills, as well as his bombastic attitude, and overwhelmingly positive spirituality.

No individual track on this album can represent the complete sound of it. Styles vary from entertainingly raucous bravado, to heartfelt ballads, to even gospel-esque ponderings on the nature of God. Rhino is an unbelievably positive force of nature who just wants everyone to be happy. It has been a long time since I have listened to a rap album that I enjoyed, or went back to, this much.

The title track of the album is its opener, a short song-poem that acts as a blessing for the rest of the record, but also sets a great tone of positive energy that is carried throughout the release.


The prophets come,
to bring joy to the world,
for this is the world of tribulation and torment,
and they come to turn the people away from these anxieties,
and infuse our lives with infinite joy


The beats that follow are fresh and durable enough to bear repeat plays. Rhino has a vibrant, larger-than-life style that is infectious in its joyous approach. In Establishing Shot, a piano loop leads into an aggressively heavy-as-a-rhino introductory rap. 

Anthemic rap earworm, Blue Suit Pimpin' is an instant hit, with a neck snapping beat and clever rhymes, topped with a easy-to-join-in chorus that you'll find yourself chanting at inopportune times:


I got a gimp limp and I'm blue suit pimpin'
blue suit pimpin'
blue suit pimpin'
I got a gimp limp and I'm blue suit pimpin'
I'll be blue suit pimpin' all day!


On infectious ballad, Stay Up, and tender breakup song, Every Atom, Mighty Rhino flexes his ability to shine on any style track. Backed by guests Prince Po, Myka 9, Adam Bomb, and More Or Les - We Will No Longer Retreat... is a powerhouse of Canadian hip-hop quality, offering the musical variety and audio mastery that will keep listeners coming back. Independent rap fans, grab this one up!

Gray Lee



This band sat down for an interview and you won’t believe what happened next!!!

state of emergency 2.jpg

Alright loyal Houdiners. Last week, you saw In Case of Emergency tear it up in that exclusive video from The Hoodoo Music Podcast.

(If you’re late to the party or need a refresher, click this link

Now, find out where these punk rock prodigies get the juice and inspiration to deliver their power-chorded aggression with such finesse.

Listen to the latest episode of the Hoodoo Music Podcast for an exclusive interview as well as more of that raucous live performance!!!

Link is below. Do what you gotta do.

Theron Willis

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EXIT FEAR - "Crestfallen"


Exit Fear - "Crestfallen"

(Bad Cake Records) 

When are you people going to learn that space is dangerous? Think of all the movies you've seen set in space. Something bad always happens. It is a law of nature. 

This concept holds true for Crestfallen by Exit Fear. Prepare yourself for a tense battle between life and death in the cold, silent reaches of space, as pulsating synths conjure imagery of a solitary spacecraft drifting across the vastness of the universe. Out here, The Quiet Can Be Very Loud. Being alone, with only the hull of a manmade vessel between oneself and the magnitue of open space is daunting enough, without some malevolent force unleashing itself within the confines of the ship.

Once the danger begins, it is plain to see that there is no escape from the lurking evil that awaits the forsaken space traveler. In the second track,  Space Does Not Care, it is apparent that there will be no rescue. Everything else that follows is a slow dance with fate.

Ultimately, this release turns out to be exactly what the unfortunate soul featured on the cover art warns it will be - a tension-riddled horror show in space. Plenty of chilling moments of terror are ready to be experienced anew when you open the airlock on Crestfallen

Gray Lee

MICHEL KRISTOF and VINNIE PATERNOSTRO - “A Place You Could Not See. A Time You Did Not Know”

a place you did not now.jpg

Michel Kristof and Vinnie Paternostro - “A Place You Could Not See. A Time You Did Not Know”

(Muteant Sounds)

In today’s world of empty consumerism and material excess, it’s easy to feel rudderless without any real sense of purpose or meaning.

It’s easy to feel like a A Door Without A Handle, A Clock Without A Face, A Car Without A Steering Wheel.

The above track titles from the Muteant release of Michel Kristof and Vinnie Paternostro are pithy metaphors for the hollowness and absurdity of the times we find ourselves in.

It’s not just the song names though; A Place You Could Not See. A Time You Did Not Know. is a perfect sonic encapsulation of the baffling absurdity of our modern predicament.

An analog synthesizer in lockstep with a drum machine creates a thick and impenetrable phalanx of industrial brute force as harsh and unrelenting as the jackbooted thud of dystopian police.

A guitar, which cannot stand against such an unfeeling and inorganic onslaught, is stomped on and beaten beyond any recognition into an effects-ravaged mess of atonal squawks and screeches.

All the while, a saxophone at the front and center of the mix wails soulfully for any trace of meaning and truth before itself succumbing to digital oblivion; trampled underfoot by the inexorable march of “progress.”

Michel Kristof and Vinnie Paternostro are genuine articles of the Muteant brand with a truly weird and experimental sound.   

Click the link below and wallow in the nihilistic absurdism.

Theron Willis

B E G O T T E N - "Hushwave"

B e g o t t e n - "Hushwave"

(Geometric Lullaby)

Smooth, dreamy vapes from waver, Begotten, will transport you to a place where dead pop stars sing forever in a foggy purgatory. 

With an entertaining focus on dreadful spookiness, this release is like finding the perfect Halloween decoration on clearance long after the holiday has passed. My favorite track on here is "Hidden," which has a super fun suprise at the end. 

Lots of gleaming, skating rink style jams here with just the perfect mix of vintage vapor velvet and skeleton fashions. All await you in this fine, upstanding creepshow known as Hushwave

Gray Lee

ZAUMNE - "Emo Dub"


Zaumne - "Emo Dub"

(Czaszka Records)

Zaumne adds this selection to the latest Czaszka Records batch with this oddly satisfying, yet inexplicably unsettling release, Emo Dub

The music itself is chill and downtempo, and would normally be very relaxing, but there is a disturbing undercurrent in this piece that comes from the sampled voices that accompany the music. Floating atop cool synth vibes and pleasing structures are voices that are almost like intimate whispers in the listener's ear. The repeated spoken phrases, (Such as the sample from the track, "Special," which is handwritten as the cover art of this release,) are cut up and pitch/speed shifted at various intervals that are not quite human. The juxtaposition of intimate human feeling with robotic repetition and affectation begins to take a life of its own. 

As we progress through the release, the music turns ever-so-slightly to a darker vibe as the voices continue to ebb, flow and change form. The transitions from zone to zone are powerfully smooth, and each vocal sample seems to have been painstakingly chosen to represent different feelings, while adhering to the strict aesthetic of the project. Though each track has a slightly different resonance, all are produced with a laser precision, creating an overall effect for the listener of intense emotions being projected on a moving surface. It is as if Emo Dub is a collection of stray feelings from passing strangers that become trapped within the context of this 44 minute piece and then move along on the surface of it, reflecting back into the world.

Gray Lee




(Aescape Sounds)

Before you do anything else, click the Bandcamp link at the bottom, take a deep breath, and let the music wash over you as you read this.

You are now entering a drony dreamscape, an unreal realm.

Swelling synths, elven choirs and natural sounds inhabit this sonic space and with each intricate layer entice you deeper and deeper into this bewildering but strangely familiar world.

The creator of this world, Sangam, guides you gently through his digital dominion and reveals in small glimpses all that goes on in his kingdom.

Sailing Heart casts ominous foreshadowings with its lush string pads, arpeggiating synths and the hints of a melody that never seems to resolve itself.

The heavenly title track shines the blessed light of transcendence with its angelic choir and washes away all impurity with its cleansing rain.

The enchanted forest of Cogent (Feat. Rhucle) will absolutely spellbind you as the rain falls once again in the stillness of sylvan solitude.

You probably want this experience to continue, right? Well, the digital download is name your price, so you really don’t have an excuse, do you?

However, a digital deity with the awesome power of Sangam deserves a much better offering than such a pathetic pittance.

We will PERISH without his nurturing rain to once again replenish our barren musical landscape!

Therefore, we must honor him with a sacrifice that befits his musical majesty or risk displeasing him.

No, no no. No blood sacrifice is necessary.

A cassette or vinyl purchase will do nicely.

Theron Willis

[Video] Hot new band pulverizes practice space with pounding punk fury!!!

In Case of Emergency.jpg

High-energy punk band In Case of Emergency will flat-out assault your ears on the latest video from The Hoodoo Music Podcast.

Click play, crank up the volume and get to fist pumping!!!

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Theron Willis

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WAYNE REX, DAVE JACKSON, & RICHARD GOODSON - "Out On a Limb/ Something I Can't Explain"


Wayne Rex, Dave Jackson, & Rich Goodson - "Out on a Limb/ Something I Can't Explain"

(Muteant Sounds)

Many musicians when they improvise stick with their known repertoire of riffs and licks, reticent to venture out of their comfort zone for fear of ruining the groove. Not so with drummer Wayne Rex and alto saxophonist Dave Jackson. They take avant-garde jazz and push it to extremities that challenge and startle the ears with their volatile fluctuations between ferocious intensity and pensive broodiness.

Out on a Limb (which is the main album of this double album) is a colossal understatement of album titles. This sonic sprawl takes you on a tightrope across a gaping chasm where one misstep will send you falling endlessly into the bottomless void. For fear of your precious sanity, you shakily keep your balance desperate to make it to the other side.

All the while, the void below talks to you in the surreal spoken word of Rich Goodson who peels back your psyche layer by layer to reveal that at your core you are still nothing more than a frightened child, pathetic and scared, cowling in the corner haunted forever by a cruel grandmother, a cold and distant father, an unattainable ideal of masculinity.

Just as your body reaches its breaking point of balance, your next tentative step forward finds solid ground. The music has ended with a final squall of the saxophone, a final fill across the toms. The recorded applause of the audience snaps you out of your hypnagogic state. You are safe in your own skin again, and it may be a long time before you give Out on a Limb another spin. However long you wait though, the void will be waiting. The bandcamp link is below whenever you are ready to plunge back in.

Theron Willis

MOLLY TIGRE -"Molly Tigre"


Molly Tigre - “Self Titled”

(Very Special Recordings)

This mystical and legendarily funky afro-jazzed certificate of horn worship comes to us in the form of a bright yellow compact cassette bursting with vintage sounds played by classy people. Molly Tigre jumps and bumps right out of the gate, as soon as the tape lead is around the reel with Hello Bolly - a jiving and thriving jolt of instrumental conniving, punctuated with steamy drum beats and flaming flute scrollwork.

Horns are locked into place firmly over an irresistable bass groove on the track Lebanese Blood. A great brass line breaks into fantastic harmonized solo work by various saxes on Couscous Timbuktu. All the while, percussion and driving bass bid the listener to move with the music under the power of incredible voodoo magnetism. This is a thermometer-crushing heat wave of world-traveled jazz so intense and mesmerizing, you may just begin to question some things about your life.

Molly Tigre hails from New York, New York, and one can’t help but picture this music spilling out onto a city street at night, as the unbearable heat of the day is finally waning and a soft breeze is a gentle reminder what it's like to be alive outside.

Perhaps you meet your lover at this underground club where this wild quintet is blasting the hypnotic groove of Y Knot.  This funky jazz soul explosion is just the kind of thing New York is famous for. Everyone is from somewhere, and they all belong. Each human in the room is lit up with hot blue, red, orange, and green lights, raising their hands in the air, all exist together as magical musical beings, bound together in unity as this polyrythmic spirit circus throws it down late into the night.

Gray Lee



Andrew Weathers/ Qualchan Split

(Aescape Sounds)

Andrew Weathers

The Andrew Weathers side of this split tape is desolate and a little unhinged. It transmits an image of sunset over a midwestern town plagued by some dark mystery, that can only be solved when a gritty down-on-his-luck detective finally faces his own personal demons. After that, it's easy to solve the crime. 

There is a rusted lonliness to this sidelong presentation that is drenched in a meloncholy atmosphere you can taste. Hazy synths weave in and out of ambient setpieces, like footprints in the fog.


Qualchan takes the stage before the smoke and mystery from Weathers has time to clear away, but his side of this story has to do with the characters who inhabit this uncanny municipality. Channeling vintage Badalamenti vibes, Qualchan's ambience has a touch of misty subltey that finds an odd beauty in all the madness and murder. Making use of his varied bag of tricks, you can expect to experience walls of ambient feelings painted with undulations of synth that seem to answer questions with more questions. 

Next time you're out on a long stretch of highway, searching the horizion for solutions to unsolved cases, or for answers to age-old questions, reach for the Andrew Weathers/ Qualchan split tape - the soundtrack for seekers.

YOUNG SCUM -"Young Scum"


Young Scum - "Young Scum"

(Citrus City)

Richmond rockers Young Scum jingle and jangle their way into your ear holes for their eponymous debut album.

With their vibrant and energetic music propelling their melancholy musings on life and love, they embody indie power pop at its finest.

Case in point is the opening track Wasting Time. This tight, little tune opens with some lush picked-out chords and then, after a quick drum build-up, gets right down to business with the whole band kicking in and vocalist/guitarist Chris Smith crooning about his quarter-life crisis.

Was I naive to think/
At 25 I’d have at least/
One thing figured out?

This entire album is chock-full of these lyrical pearls that speak right to the heart of the millennial malaise.

The music and vocal melodies are so damn catchy, however, that you’ll find yourself tapping your feet and humming along without even realizing how much of a downer the actual words are.

No need to worry about any subliminally-induced depression though. Like blues music, these songs have a cathartic quality of expunging your negative feelings so that you can face the 9-5 workday with a spring in your step and a catchy tune on your lips.

Theron Willis

Sriracha Sauce and Scientology! Latest Episode of the Hoodoo Music Podcast


OK. Maybe you were under a rock last week and missed the latest video from the Hoodoo Music Podcast.

If so, click the link below before you read any further.

If you are up-to-date with all things Hoodoo, then it’s time to be initiated into the secret society of the sriracha sauce.

Hoodoo follows up with of with the full podcast episode with multi-instrumentalist and all-around cool corporeal being Jake Xingu.

This one is a chuckle-fest with Xingu’s snappy wit and satirical songwriting, and the conversation ranges from music, life,....sriracha sauce….Scientology…..knuckles….

Umm. Trust me on this one.

Theron Willis

KIELKROPF - "Ignorance is Bliss"


Kielkropf - "Ignorance is Bliss

(Sludgelord Records)

"The vultures have come to feed on our sorry bones." - Kielkropf

This hard-hitting, teeth-grinding, doom-wielding rockfest is like a sweaty MMA fight in a burning motorcycle shop.

Atop the throbbing bass, pounding drums, and crunching riffs, the throaty growl of lead singer Jerry is the finest instrument used on this record - he is a living embodiment of opaque, curling smoke, and carbon monoxide belching forth from super-heated chrome.

Throughout this release is a pulsating doom groove that rattles the listener around in a rusted metal box filled with despair and apathy. "Haven't you heard? It's dying time!" booms Jerry on the opening track, Blissful Ignorance, as Schmidi, Chri, and Fink lock in with drum, bass, and guitar to propel this death jam to the depths of the abyss. It's the most fun you'll ever have being completely hopeless! Take a minute and gaze upon the magnificent cover art. With those tigers and snakes leaping threateningly, presumably fighting each other for what's left of this broken world, while the bones of humankind bleach in the sun - it's a kaleidoscope of danger! 

This four track EP packs an album sized wallop that you might not be ready for. It's like two post-apocalyptic road thugs whipping each other with chains to prepare for battle - a little bit goes a long way! Eisenstadt, Austria based band Kielkropf bangs absolutely - from the slamming opening track Blissful Ignorance to the six minute grind of Soon I'll be gone, the blistering closer to this metal mayhem.

We recommend this record if you like good old fashioned heavy metal with no pretense or added frivolity. This is just a powerful acceleration through a sixth-story plate glass window into a pool of napalm.

Gray Lee

THE ETERNAL - "Witness to an Execution"


The Eternal- "Witness To an Execution"

(Bad Cake Records)

The harsh winters of the Pacific Northwest helped produce a lo-fi masterpiece of bedroom recording that has thankfully been rescued from oblivion by Bad Cake Records. During the winters of 2002/2003,  Matt Martinosky sat down with his guitars, his keyboard and a digital recorder to capture some delightful gems of guitar-driven music.

Witness To An Execution is 10 tracks long and barely clocks in at 23 minutes, so each track is a short vignette of a musical idea that you might hear in a guitarist’s loop pedal as he’s writing songs and cataloging ideas. However, the unfinished nature of these guitar sketches have a life and integrity of their own, and each track gels together to form a cohesive whole.

As you listen, you feel yourself drift into that twilight state between dreaming and waking, that delightful phase where you are still asleep but awake enough to enjoy your slumber. Also, you can focus on your dream and guide it in your semi-conscious state. As you immerse yourself in your dream, you think to yourself, “What a great movie idea this could be.” And, if you had the wherewithal to actually make it into a flick, Witness To An Execution would be the ultimate indie soundtrack.

Theron Willis

PET - "Ten Thousand Years"


Pet - "Ten Thousand Years"

(Citrus City Records)

This dark album cover and gothic font pranked me perfectly. I was expecting Ten Thousand Years to be some kind of grungy excursion into angst - instead I ended up blasting this record in a parking lot on a lazy Saturday morning. 

There's a lot to love in this record, by Philadelphians and brothers Mike, Tom and Kieran, who bring their abandoned warehouse rock to cassette on this Citrus City re-release. Expect surging electric guitars, chunky bass and hot drums - laced with energetic anthems and entertaining hooks.

Pet invokes the dead-eyed abandon of 90s rock in the nearly title track 10,100 Years, which has a deviously simple walk down bassline that gets into your head, right through your ear holes. The bright, youthful indie sound of this record fits in perfectly with the Citrus City asthetic.

Head on over to Citrus City and grab a cassette of this rambunctiously riff heavy rock record.

Gray Lee



Jodie Lowther & A.R.C. Soundtracks - "The Blow Vol. 4"

(Front & Follow)

The fourth in a series of split releases, The Blow Vol. 4 is a dark, ethereal ride through a gloomy, mystical landscape brought to you by two UK artists, Jodie Lowther and A.R.C Soundtracks.

Jodie Lowther

The first side of this record is brought to you by multi-talented musician and artist Jodie Lowther. The music she crafts here in the opening track is cool, dark, and full of esoteric tones and eerie reverbed vocals that haunt the distance. Soft synths create a sense of space and brings to the mind the image of a cold cemetery in the snow, in the twilit shadow of an ancient stone church.

Other tracks, such as Hall of Faces pay homage to classic phsycological horror film soundtracks. This heavy-handed piano durge could very well serve as the ending credits after a movie monster kills the protaganist in a surprise closing scene. Lowther uses many techniques to maintain a mood that is as alluring as it is dangerous. Fractured synths transmit broken signals as mischievous imps play twisted harps. Unearthly echoing voices drift in and out of the mist. The track Delirium Sea introduces a rhythmic beat, but still is backed by a spooky atmospheric humidity, damp and cavelike in its timbre.

The final piece, entitled The Occasional Sleeper, is an unsettling descent into a world surrounded by unnatural beings. A broken bell's toll is muted in the distance - as a final effort to call out to the listener before being swept away in the spiritual currents. 

A.R.C. Soundtracks

Though there is a slight contrast in production and tone between the first and second side of The Blow vol 4, the spirit of the overall release still holds. On this half of The Blow, A.R.C. Soundtracks provides a sidelong track called Taken Up and Dissolved - which is a half hour journey through an otherworldy realm. If it could be said that Jodie Lowther's side of this project represents a bleak landscape haunted by the dead, A.R.C's musical contribution is more from the perspective of the haunters themselves. This is a formless, weightless movement through a number of sonic zones. Ghostly voices, echoed soliloquy, and distant instruments punctuate the ambient heaviness.

Theres a great, deeply ominous bass hit about six minutes in, which repeats and creates a shadowy tone that penetrates the soul and propels the listener forward through the hazy purgatory - at last coming to rest on an uneasy island in still water, surrounded by gray expanses of foggy sky. 

The Blow Vol. 4 is an excellent representation of what a split release can deliver - a strong central theme that carries throughout, bolstered by the creative similarities and differences between the artists. 

Gray Lee