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[Video] Bloom de Wilde - "Rock, Plant, & Animal"


London singer/songwriter & artist Bloom De Wilde releases a video for her song Rock, Plant, & Animal. The song is about the connected nature of everything in the world. Naturalist John Muir once wrote, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe,” and that’s exactly what Bloom de Wilde’s beautiful singing emphasizes.

“I wrote this song for my children, about this living Earth I love so dearly, and all the precious life upon it,” writes Bloom de Wilde, ”I believe everything in this world has a living essence, a soul, and all is connected. We are all One - Rock, Plant and Animal,”

Rock, Plant, & Animal blends acoustic folk styles against a smoothly produced backdrop of energetic pop music, embellished with flickering nature magic appearing at Bloom de Wilde’s fingertips as she twirls through the song. Catch the video below, and don’t forget to check the song out right here:

also visit Bloom de Wilde’s website:

[Video Premiere] PALE SPRING - "Forevermore"

[Video Premiere] PALE SPRING - "Forevermore"

When Baltimore synthpop duo Pale Spring released their debut album Cygnus, we knew right away that it was something special. The perfect blend of mid-90s euroglam downtempo beats from synth sorcerers Drew and Emily Harper Scott, featuring those warm, glowing vocals that hang impossibly in space. It’s a sleek, stylish release full of deep, moonlit electronica and spotlight bright lyrics, suitable for a black-tie-only affair, or for a dimly lit underground rave in the dead of night.

[Video Premiere] The Modern Folk releases "MF Ultra"

[Video Premiere] The Modern Folk releases "MF Ultra"

Portland, Oregon based experimental musician The Modern Folk is no stranger to releasing unusual audio artifacts of raw unfiltered folk audio, often reinterpreting traditional American music or expounding on the ills of our society.

In MF Ultra, The Modern Folk expands further into electronic embellishment of traditional musical structures while exploring the darker nature of the human condition. Here is a video The Modern Folk has produced for the opening track of MF Ultra. “Lyin’”