JULIAN ABRAHAM 'TOGAR' - "Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed"


Julian Abraham 'Togar' - "Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed"

(Hasan Editions)

Released recently on Indonesian artistic platform, Hasana Editions, Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed by Julian Abraham is a striking collection of audio works centered around percussive sounds that have been digitally manipulated.

The first several tracks are rhythmic pieces that are like movements of a complex piece of intricate machinery. Kinetic hardware comes together in a symphony of clattering onomatopeia. Gears click, wheels spin, and springs snap. Later in the album, the sounds become mechanical in other ways energized with humming, buzzing energy. Throughout the release, precise placement and execution of each sampled sound makes this release a fascinating listen. While individual tracks are relatively short, the continuing theme makes the audio experience a singluar one.

Julian Abraham is a multidisciplinary artist who experiments in repetition and aural complexity here to great effect, creating an accessible album that is deeply focused and enjoyably convoluted, while remaining conceptually streamlined. Climb into this intricate piece of clockwork and enjoy the percussive marvels within.

  Gray Lee