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[Track Premiere] BONNIE BAXTER - "Axis"


Bonnie Baxter is back on Hausu Mountain with Axis, a tumultuous melange of droning synth loops, sick rhythms, and glitchy vocal samples that vary widely in textual nature. Track names are just an artistic formality here, as there is no polite distinction between musical ideas. Repeated loops and themes cross over multiple movements to create a continuous stream of consciousness that mimics meditation, but it more like an audio stimulant, leaving the mind panting for breath as it darts and dodges through a cascade of disjointed ideations.

Bonnie Baxter, already having produced the stunning Kill Alters jam, Cobweb Sensations earlier this year as well as the essential Ask Me How Satan Started on Hausu Mountain last year, takes everything you know and love about her artistic prowess and pushes it to the next level with Axis. There is a powerful central idea at work here that reveals itself through each variation, fragmentation, and permeation, turning what looks like 'an interesting collection of tracks' into a symphony of whirling expression, in a catastrophic spree of wonky heartbeats, looped vocal fry, and floating refractory ephemera that must be experienced as a whole.

Let the entire release sink in, as it builds towards an eventual cataclysmic climax in the closing track, Skyrat, a crescendo built from a driving edm beat and frantic bursts of sweeping energy that pulls all the musical elements introduced throughout the release and forms a jagged musical peak from which aural lava flows in a fiery conclusion. Ultimately, Axis is one of the most important releases to come out on Hausu Mountain this year, and a must listen for any experimental music loving fan.

It was very difficult to choose one individual track to stream, but I chose this gem -

Go get on this release as soon as it drops, you freaks!

Gray Lee