floppy disk

Floppy Copy #2

Spooky times are upon us!


NIKTO - “Nikto”

(Power_Lunch Corporation)

Scope this Power Lunch reissue of Nikto?, a spooky halloween album that came out exactly a year ago tomorrow. Freak yourself out with selected tracks ⍹¡Ŧͼℏβᴓ⟑ᴙƌ, Ka Dab Ra, and Broomstix in frightful floppy format!



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Myst “GAC042”

Face Dancer 顔ダンサー & ミスト M Y S T - 空の限界  - “GAC042”

(Gulf Audio Company)

This steamy split by Face Dancer 顔ダンサー and ミスト M Y S T has just the jams to get you in the zone, with the sultry pop tune, Cloud Syrup, and the hot dance tune, 空の限界! Released in glorious 16 bit sound on the most sensual music format available - 3.5” floppy!




AWSIDS - “pyramids”


My favorite new floppy release is pyramids by AWSIDS. Solid synth patterns with light ambient backgrounds make for a smooth listen. There is a track for each of the Giza pyramids (KHUFU, KHAFRE, & MENKAURE ) Did you know the base of every pyramid is a square? Get this pyramid music on the squarest format! Floppy disk!


Gray Lee