circuit boards a meltin'

[Album Premiere] Machine Listener - "Colubrid"


Cleveland noiselord Matthew Gallagher AKA Machine Listener returns with another dose of electronic mayhem known as Colubrid. Using a bank of samplers, sequencers, synthesizers, Machine Listener produces glitched fantasy worlds of robotic bliss with driving electronic beats and squiggles of skronky synth shapes, backed by whirring ambient fields of circuitboard heat and melted processors.

This is another swatch in Machine Listener’s sound pallette, as past releases have touched more on analog synth, noise, and harsh noise. Colubrid is largely a cool affair, and despite all of the flaming hardware, the end result is a smooth and cool as the face of a robot baby.

And now for the fun bit - the exclusive embed of the album where you get to hear the whole contraption with all of the bleeps and boops intact: