[Album Premiere] CDX - "Lion Cuts"


CDX - “Lion Cuts”

(Doom Trip)

Cleveland, Ohio - based hardware heavyweight Tim Thornton wears many hats. As head of experimental label Suite 309, he has released a wide array of mind-jumbling creations under various monikers. As Tiger Village, Thornton releases wildly careening works of percussive breakcore, such as the stunning release Modern Drummer on Hausu Mountain Records. Under the Suite 309 name, he has released uniquely singular works, such as last year’s unusual offering. Boiling Oil, which is exactly what it sounds like - an entire release of a field-recorded pot of boiling oil.

When performing as CDX, Tim Thornton explores another side of his creative psyche - producing highly compositional electronic works that harness the power of electronica, synth pop, and IDM. Lion Cuts is a brightly accessible audio work with a well-balanced tracklist that carries the listening experience throughout many zones, from smooth pop instrumentals like Friends to more aggressive and intense pieces such as Five Short Arguments.

Lion Cuts is a surprising and complex album, with just the right mix of powerful overdub-free technology and intuitive, natural creative expression. Don’t dream it, stream it: