[Video Premiere] PALE SPRING - "Forevermore"


“Forevermore” Video Released

When Baltimore synthpop duo Pale Spring released their debut album Cygnus, we knew right away that it was something special. The perfect blend of mid-90s euroglam downtempo beats from synth sorcerers Drew and Emily Harper Scott, featuring those warm, glowing vocals that hang impossibly in space. It’s a sleek, stylish release full of deep, moonlit electronica and spotlight bright lyrics, suitable for a black-tie-only affair, or for a dimly lit underground rave in the dead of night.

The Forevermore video perfectly captures the glossy red velvet nightclub feel of the Cygnus album, while also paying homage to one of David Lynch’s best films, Mulholland Drive, replete with the shady background characters, night driving scenes, lesbian love, and trippy effects that you would expect from such an homage.

Get ready for Forevermore:

If you haven’t had a chance to grab this album, we recommend you do so. Link below.