[Premiere] New Tyler Holmes Single Heralds Upcoming Releases

Everything Will Be Destroyed (1).jpg

Ratskin Records announces a new EP by unique experimental artist Tyler Holmes, entitled Devil. This new EP will build on Holmes’ previous three releases, which feature widely varied styles and techniques of music-making. While those releases pushed outward against boundaries and borders, Devil  looks inward, to the dialogues and messages that shape us as children and follow us into adulthood.

“As a child my father told me all the ways I could and would allow the devil into my life and why this would send me to hell,” Tyler relates, “This EP maps the ways we create a self fulfilling prophecy because we are told we are inherently ‘evil.’ we search out the ‘devil’ and allow it into our bodies, minds and lives. Resulting in the living hell we were promised by our fathers.”

The EP is set to release in July and is a prologue to a LP Nightmare In Paradise  due out on Ratskin Records in Winter 2019.

For now here is the first single from Devil - it’s called Everything (Will Be Destroyed):