New Song From the Lyrics Generator - The Tangled Mango - "Storm"

Last year, we tried out the awesome power of technology in songwriting, in the form of The Song Lyrics Generator. We decided it was high time we tried it out again.

This time, I decided to be really topical and use a buzzword from current events. I chose “Executive Time.”

Please keep your input family friendly.

Please keep your input family friendly.

This time around, I went with ‘The Tangled Mango’ as our band name.

If you didn’t catch our last feature on this incredible new lyric writing tool - what follows is a series of screens where you choose from a list of prefab lines that populate based on your subject matter. Then - the site generates cover art with your band name, a title, and hands you a copy of your lyrics. It’s beautiful.

And so after some beep boop beep - Here’s a brand new song, waiting on someone to set it to music.( Feel free to do that if you like.)



By The Tangled Mango

I found the landfall for me
A bourgeoisie for you and me
And every rainwater is carefree
Then you came with all your exploding
And I'm dancing because you're turnkey
I was disintegrating, eroding on my own
It's time we had some plutocrats
You must think I'm collaborationist
And now your proliferating is on repeat
Don't be afraid to try gravitating
Meet calculating thoughts
Don't like your boycotts
Provocations are not safe
I just wanna be part of your malefactors
You're always destabilizing when you lie
Do you mind if I steal a repression?
Your words cut deeper than an incitation
Lie lie

Gray Lee