"Sacred Spells" compilation releases on Psychic Eye Records.


Psychic Eye records has put together a solid compilation of twenty killer dark electronic, post punk, experimental/noise, EBM, and many other kinds of tracks by well known experimental acts from all over the world, to benefit the TGI Justice Project.

About TGIJP, Psychic Eye Says:

“From nearby San Francisco, TGI Justice Project was an easy choice as the compilation beneficiary for Oakland-based Psychic Eye Records. “There’s a lot of support for trans rights and a lot of concern for the safety of trans people in jails and detention facilities, so finding artists to contribute happened quickly.” says Sampson. “Hopefully our combined efforts can raise some funds for this organization, and maybe dark music fans will discover a few new bands that resonate with them along the way.” TGI Justice Project, formed in 2004, is a group of transgender, gender variant and intersex (TGI) people—inside and outside of prisons, jails and detention centers—whose mission is to create a united family in the struggle for survival and freedom. It was formerly overseen by the eminent LGBTQ activist Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, who emerged from the Stonewall Riots to become a prominent trans rights movement leader for decades. Since Miss Major’s recent retirement, the organization has been run by Executive Director Janetta Johnson.”

Our attention was first brought to this project by electronic artist Malocculsion, whom you may remember from our House of Cake project. They have an absolutely delicious track on here called Wormfood that sounds like beat-centric electronic mumbo jumbo that’s been disintegrated in a vat of intergalactic acid.

There is also a track from Cyborg Eye, whom we included in out 2018 Top 100 Albums of the Year. Their track, entitled The Death of Captain Rhodes, is easily one of the best tracks I have heard in 2019 so far!

If you like your electronic, experimental music dark, creepy, and for a good cause - this compilation is the one for you. Head on over to Psychic Eye records and have a listen for yourself!


Gray Lee