The Floppy Copy #1



R∞ brings us the high-minded midi compositions on floppy format in a custom case. Delphi Oracle is a soundtrack to a video game that never existed. Classic 90s RPG style jams await your eager ears. Check it out here:


BLOOMSTRAD - "End of the Century - The Viral Transfer"

(Power Lunch Corporation)

This Y2K-themed project will prepare you for the impending doom that the turn of the century is sure to bring. Relive the terror you felt as you huddled under the nearest piece of furniture at midnight on Dec 31st, 1999 and waited for the world to end.


PUTA MALARIA - "Helvete"

Black metal on floppy. Dark, evil, ultra compressed - This is 1.44 Megabytes of terror!

Purchase floppy here:

Listen to Puta Malaria here:

Qualchan's Smooth Elixir


Electronic artist Qualchan grinds up ambient chill vibes and mixes them down to a silky smooth elixir to soothe your troubled consciousness. Check it out!

Qualchan. is a multi-disciplinary artist residing deep in the heart of cascadia. he describes his work as a reimagining of americana filtered through the tropes of new age, focusing primarily on living through the anthropocene. he calls this wave now age, & is the only member of this school.

He presents a screwed mix of dubious spa jams meant to be played in float centers or deep in the forest. 


















Editors note: while we encourage uncensored and unfiltered artistic expression, the staff at Houdini Mansions does not condone or encourage the abuse of controlled substances.